HDX-Supported Standards

Developed through the original work of the HDeXchange Technical Committee and Task Forces, HDX-supported standards now define e-commerce guidelines for the Heavy Duty parts industry.

In the absence of standards and guidelines, companies spend excessive amounts of money in programming and mapping fees, reducing the return on investment (ROI) of electronic commerce projects. With standards, companies can instead focus more on improving processes and increasing electronic trading partners.

EDIPro Transaction Sets

Based on the ANSI X-12 4010 Standards, these guidelines are designed to better accommodate the trading relationship between truck parts distributor and their parts vendors. Once your system is programmed to receive or send these files, you will be able to communicate smoothly with all of your trading partners in the HDX Community.

XML Transaction Sets

HDX's XML Task Force has established a standardized set of XML documents for vendor-managed inventory (VMI) transactions. These documents follow the standards set forth by the Open Applications Group (OAG).

Below are three working drafts - to allow a user to review the contents for the transactions at a relatively high level.

Product Communications File Specifications (PCFS)

The PCFS file is a standardized price sheet format for the exchange of price and product information between trading partners in the Heavy Duty aftermarket. With the PCFS Standard, vendors are able to create and distribute a single price sheet in a uniform manner, and distributors are able to easily import this single format into their respective business systems. Download the new PCFS 5.2 (.xls file), which was put into production on January 1, 2008. Go to the Price File Library web site (www.hdxpfl.com) for more information.

Fleet Parts Purchasing Guidelines

HDX worked extensively with the Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) and the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) to develop standard guidelines for fleets, used when electronically purchasing parts from vendors. These guidelines were approved in 2003 and are available upon request. For more information, contact us.

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