HDX Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Solutions

HDX is the leading provider of EDI services to the Heavy Duty aftermarket. Since 2000, HDX has worked with industry volunteers to develop and establish what are now the industry's standards for EDI. Every day, HDX works directly with EDI departments across the industry to support trading partner connections that help speed the EDI implementation process in the Heavy Duty aftermarket.

HDX offers the following EDI services:

Easy EDI

HDX EasyEDI acts like a mailman - reliably carrying your electronic orders and invoices to your partners. By using this product in conjunction with your system's e-commerce module, you can reduce the time-consuming and error-filled process of manually entering important information into your business system.

Offered in association with leading network providers, EasyEDI utilizes industry standard EDI transaction sets with secure and reliable delivery to a community of nearly 300 trading partners - by far the largest E-Commerce network of companies in the Heavy Duty industry. Additionally, HDX goes the extra step to facilitate the process of connecting you to your trading partners, making it easier and faster for you to get a return on your EDI investment.


Simplify and accelerate the processing of orders and other transactions from your smaller trading partners. HDX FAX-to-EDI is a reliable, cost-effective way to automate the translation of faxed documents into electronic data that can be processed in the same way as EDI transactions received from EDI-enabled trading partners.

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