About HDX Services, Inc.

HDX Services, Inc. (HDX) is focused exclusively on offering e-commerce services to the Heavy Duty industry. Solutions from HDX help Heavy Duty distributors and manufacturers reduce operational costs and foster stronger trading partner relationships. Developed by the Heavy Duty Industry for the Heavy Duty Industry, these services have been used by the HDX Community for several years, and can be installed onto most business systems quickly and easily.

Since HDX Services represents the Heavy Duty industry, it is able to negotiate volume discounts from leading service providers and offer discounted prices back to the industry.


HDX Services is the outgrowth of the original HDeXchange, Inc., a non-profit organization that operated 2000 - 2008 with the support of leading truck parts distributors, parts manufacturers, marketing groups and business system providers to encourage standards that would foster the growth of e-commerce in the industry. The original concept of HDX was conceived by the E-Business Study Force of the Council of Fleet Specialists (CFS) and developed into an independent and self-sufficient organization.

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