HDX Services Develops Electronic 210 Freight Invoice Standard for Heavy Duty Industry

Cincinnati, OH, June 15, 2011 -HDX Services, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Datalliance®, today announced a new electronic (EDI) 210 Freight Invoice standard for the heavy duty industry. The 210 EDI transaction is used by the motor carrier industry to provide an itemized detail of freight charges to parties relevant to the shipment. It is also used to request payment for services rendered by the motor carrier to the shipper, consignee, or third party payment center responsible for payment of the freight charges.

Edward Kuo, Executive Director, HDX, commented, “The EDI version of the 210 freight invoice transaction helps heavy duty manufacturers receive information from their motor freight carriers electronically. By eliminating the manual paperwork associated with processing the many freight invoices they receive daily, errors are eliminated and efficiency is greatly improved. HDX continues to look for ways to open the doors for EDI transactions less established in the heavy duty industry.”

Mark Huizinga, Director of Information Technology at Weller Truck Parts, commented on the value of working with HDX to develop the electronic standard for the 210 transaction. “We receive a significant number of invoices from our freight carriers – requiring a substantial manual administrative process that was time consuming and error prone. HDX worked with us to develop the standard electronic version of the 210 transaction. Our freight invoice process is now more efficient as well as more accurate.”

About HDX Services, Inc.

HDX Services offers a commercial suite of high-value, industry-standard e-commerce products to the heavy truck parts distribution and supply chains. Products include electronic file transmission and networking, document mapping and translation, data warehousing and vendor managed inventory. For more information about HDX, visit www.hdexchange.com.

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