HDX Announces HDX SiMAN
  • Service provides a single sign-on solution allowing distributors to easily access and utilize extranet sites for all heavy duty manufacturers

Ada, MI, October 28, 2008 - HDX Services, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Datalliance®, today announced the release of HDX SiMAN, a service that provides a single sign-on solution which allows distributors to easily access and utilize extranet sites for all heavy duty manufacturers. HDX SiMAN is a cooperative effort between HDX Services and SUPPLIER-INFO.

Currently, manufacturer extranets allow distributor users to retrieve their specific account information, including negotiated pricing, product availability and order status. HDX SiMAN offers these distributor users a menu from a single sign-on process to access multiple manufacturer sites. This service helps users access the information hey need and answer their questions easily and efficiently. HDX SiMAN also offers better security of account information by managing and communicating personnel changes such as new hires, transfers and terminations directly to suppliers.

"Over the past decade, manufacturers have spent a lot of money building private-access Web sites - or extranets - that can deliver information to their distributors and eliminate the need for unnecessary phone conversations," explained Edward Kuo, Executive Director of HDX Services. "However, they have not been rewarded with a significant adoption rate from their distributors. Through HDX SiMAN, distributors will have an enhanced ability to easily and effectively utilize these extranets, driving traffic to the manufacturer sites while improving distributor service levels. HDX SiMAN falls perfectly in the HDX sweet spot - an e-commerce solution that brings more benefit when more people in the industry commit to it."

Ken Hoover, Vice President of Sales, Supplier-Info, stated, "SiMAN has been very successful in the electrical distribution industry and today we have nearly 11,000 Electrical users. We are excited about the HDX Services initiative to bring this tool to the heavy duty aftermarket. We know that SiMAN will increase productivity for both manufacturers and distributors while closing the existing security gap in the extranet environment."

About HDX Services, Inc. and SUPPLIER-INFO

HDX Services offers a commercial suite of high-value, industry-standard e-commerce products to the heavy truck parts distribution and supply chains. Products include electronic file transmission and networking, document mapping and translation, data warehousing and vendor managed inventory. For more information about HDX, visit www.hdexchange.com. SUPPLIER-INFO provides Internet deployment applications and consulting services that enhance the use of extranet services for both distributors and manufacturers.

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